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Explore our categories of available products and envision what could be for your upcoming playground or outdoor space! All products offered by The PlayWell Group are built to last and withstand unpredictable weather, as well as the generous amount of play time from active users.

Not sure of where to start when it comes to playground shopping? The PlayWell Group can help you improve any outdoor setting with a beautiful, quality, safe and fun playground. Our company has over 30 years of experience in installing new playgrounds, removing existing playgrounds and designing the dream playground you have always envisioned for your space.

Our dedicated team offers professional consulting services in Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas to give you everything you want in a new or revamped playground. Here, the playground options are truly endless! Whether you are looking for accessible playground equipment, life and fitness equipment, teeter totter swings, spinner systems, heat resistant slides, a chin up station or a themed playground, The PlayWell Group provides the new and exciting products you want and need.

Playground Material Types

  • Steel Playgrounds
  • Lumber/Timber/Wood Playgrounds
  • Plastic & Thermoplastic Playgrounds
  • Tire Playgrounds
  • Recycled Playgrounds

Need Ideas or New Concepts for Your Playground Project?

Round Swings | Geo Dome Climber | Merry Go Round | Cargo Net | Sandbox | Sit and Spins | Outside Balance Beam | Tic Tac Toe Panels | Tree House Lookouts | Bike Rack | Hex Net Hub | Orbit Spinner | Tube Slide | Curved Zip Line | Playground Telescope | Basketball Court | Disc Swings | Water Table | Jump Station | Seesaw

Talk to a PlayWell Group playground specialist today about how to make your next playground everything you want and more!

Playground Brands The PlayWell Group Offers

Playcraft Systems, a Playcore Co.

For over 25 years, Playcraft Systems has been producing the finest playground equipment in the industry, focusing on quality, innovation and value - which is reflected in every playground product available. They specialize in state-of-the-art commercial, school and park playgrounds. Their manufacturing facility is one of the most modern in the industry and is operated in-house. From steel fabrication, to Play-Tuff coated steel decking, custom routed sheet plastic components, to roto-molded plastic production, their world class facility is poised to deliver.

Playcraft Systems is committed to working with quality materials and sticking to their manufacturing process that second to expand the world of play, one playground at a time.

Playcraft Systems NatureROCKS

The PlayWell Group works with Playcraft Systems NatureROCKS to provide Natural GFRC products for your next playground system. GFRC stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Natural GFRC is comprised of natural minerals and materials and has a lower environmental, than opposed to traditional concrete. This unique and eco-friendly approach to playground equipment aides in the durability of your next project with Playcraft Systems NatureROCKS.

Worlds of Wow, a Playcore Co.

Ever wonder how The PlayWell Group can create such wonderfully themed and interesting playgrounds for schools, city parks and other spaces? We work with Worlds of Wow, a Playcore company, to execute cool themed environments and playgrounds for everyone to enjoy. The imaginative capabilities are unlimited when working with the Worlds of Wow.


CRE8PLAY designs, produces and manufactures fun. They understand the fine balance of imagination and the need for play in a child's life. With their custom play environments and life-like products, children are transported into a new world - a world where they can learn, explore, and grow. CRE8PLAY uses a range of materials to achieve the desired look and durability for your project: Concrete, Steel, Aluminum, Sculpting Epoxy Coatings, Composite Wood and more.


Dynamo Playgrounds is the world leader in innovative playground equipment. Their stunning designs and masterful engineering ensure that every piece built inspires the imagination of children everywhere. Dynamo Playgrounds is a trusted partner with The PlayWell Group and continues to be a reliable source for quality equipment.


Goric is a global and outstanding playground company that specializes in aesthetic design, quality equipment and execution and take on an environmentally friendly approach to their playground sets. Their goal is to create play environments where children can play, no matter their age and ability. Together, The PlayWell Group and Goric are able to deliver natural beauty of a playground, while building and maintaining integrity into every structure.

Quality Results, Every Time

Our sister installation company, PlayWorks Inc., will give you a turn-key project from the ground up – meaning you can rest assured your end result is guaranteed for greatness. Aside from excellent manufacturer warranties, The PlayWell Group, offers a 1-year, 100% customer satisfaction installation guarantee. Plus, we value your choice in choosing The PlayWell Group and intend to support your equipment investment beyond installation completion into the future with our experienced customer support team.

Every PlayWell Group employee is committed to quality and performance excellence in all we do. This standard allows us to readily assist you in your next playground or complete park project with all our quality products, including shade, athletic and playground equipment, safety surfacing, and site furnishings.

With over 30 years of satisfied customers in every market, we must be doing something right.
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